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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

True Life is lived in kindness: Thank you for your Pledge today.

Dear Elisabeth and Nancy,

Thank you for your Pledge today. We are learning so much about our selves and our audience through this drive. Anyone as bold to use the word Love in their title deserves extra Love! Your kickstarter project is inspirational and encouraging to us! We backed your project, The Loving More Project, as it is, for us in line with the kind of world we love living in!

We are inspired that it is simple to collaborate and spread hope in this way. Please spread the word about our project as well! Just today we placed our press release on our website at

We have only 24 days to raise our goal so we need all the help we can get.
There is a love movement growing strong all over the world and it will take mutual-aid, interdependence and community networking to make these dreams come true!

I held a meet-up yesterday in Seattle for the Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides project and it is always great to connect with other people who are working for what they believe in... much like both of you are doing. So many people think they have no ability to change the world. But each one of us can make a difference.

Keep up the inspiring work you are doing!


For those who desire to see Elisabeth and Nancy's amazing work, the short web address for the Loving More kickstarter project that documents the interracial love story and Supreme Court case that changed the course of marriage equality in America. is here: