This is the epic, journey that all of the wonderful folks are taking on the 'Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides' Project. Please consider making a pledge to our Pledge Drive at:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Your Invitation to the Enhanted Chalet Slumber Party and the Portland Rock Show

Dear friends,


You are all invited to a rock show and an overnight slumber party!
WooOOooo HOoooooo

We are organizing a project featuring a bunch of awesome bands and
musicians for a music video documentary as a fundraiser for the Love,
Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides projects!

See one of the past videos created here:

One of the bands, (1 of 20 or so who will be in the video) who will be
in the video is from New York. They are called The Last
Internationale. They are awesome too. They will be here in Portland
for a show on Jan 8th, 2011 and then onto Salem because they are on

their website and videos are below:

Also, check out these videos:

Their Schedule is here:

jan 8


Portland, Oregon

317 NW Broadway (Between NW Everett & Flanders)

Some friends, Emma, Patrick, and maybe others, will be at the show.
One or two other bands and musicians who will be on the project may
also meet us there as well (but they won't play at the club).

Afterwards everyone is welcome to drive up to Emma and Patrick's
place, which I've nicknamed "the enchanted chalet" because it is such
a never-ending property and nice and magical *happy laughter* ...where
we will all sleep after being tired or we will all stay up all in an
after-party style! *happy laughter*

Bring blankets or sleeping bags if you have them because we have no
idea how many people will be there.

Feel free to forward this on to friends! WOOOOooooooooooo

Thanks. :)

Love for the people,
- Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides

In order to be part of the slumber after-party you must show up at the
club. The exact address of the mysterious, hard-to-find enchanted
chalet will not be given out over the phone. Plus it is an incentive
because we want to pack the house for The Last Internationale's show!
WoOOooooo HOOOoooooo

double p.s.
Please bring a designated driver if you plan to drink even a little.  Remember:

Its always safer to ride on a flying unicorn with no hands... than to drive dunk.

We want everyone to be safe and have fun! We Love ya'all! :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

Dear friends,

Happy New Years! We didn't make our goal... so kickstarter will not charge you and kickstarter will not send us any funds. What is most important is that you sent your kind words and you contributed a little kindness to our pledge drive and we want to take the time to say thank you again.

Even if you are reading this and you didn't help our pledge drive... thanks for taking an interest in what we are doing. You can always learn more at

One door closed... means at least 1000 more new doors will open.

We love you all!
Happy New Years everyone! May your dreams come true in the new year! :)

Steph, T and everyone at Love PB.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays Photo Greeting Card and a heart-to-heart hug :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

We love you all!

From Steph, T and all of our friends and family to everyone....everywhere!  :)
~Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides

*warm holiday hugs directly from us to you...heart-to-heart*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photographic Report back of the Mesa, Arizona Meet-up

Dear friends of Olympia Ecovillage!



Dear friends,

I'm including you in this URGENT blog post because we just had a conversation  about the Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides Movement!  WOoOooooo HooOOoooooo

I love to share the good news!

The Urgent news is that we have a kickstarter project that has less than 12 days and Stephanie and I, the project organizers, need everyone's help to forward this email to friends.

Also, I just wanted to send another shout out of appreciation and gratitude to Steph for holding today's amazing Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides multimedia meet-up in Mesa, Arizona!  We're takin' the love movement international!  Join us!  Yeaaaa!

WooOOOOooooo HOOooooooo!

The photos from today's Mesa meet-up are on our blog!

If you want to read our press release and you like what we're doing, please consider sending your friends to this link to our pledge drive, found here (which also has our new 1 minute video promo just uploaded today)!

We will be filming up and down the West Coast so this is relevant to many people. 

We have less than 12 days to find a bunch of community super heroes who will give to our pledge drive so we can reach our pledge drive goal before the New Years!  If we don't reach our $4,500.00 pledge goal by New Year's kickstarter will return the funds to our backers and this movement will receive nothing.

Yes, it is true that we are not good at fund raising!  *happy laughter*

Even if you don't forward it to anyone...

...I love ya'all!   ;)

The Love Movement is alive!

Yeeeeeee Haw!

Love for the people,

Pledge Drive Link -

Feel free to edit this email and send to friends!  :)

double p.s.
Also my housemates and I just had an interesting convo about creating community and I just recommended the below book to everybody actually!  *happy laughter


Creating a Life Together :
Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mesa, Arizona: Multimedia Presentation: local/international celebration of carbon free transportation..

Multimedia Presentation: local/international celebration of carbon free transportation. at Inside the Bungalow

Cost: Free -
Monday, December 20th, 2010 4:30pm-5:30pm

We will hold this meeting in 'Inside The Bungalow'. Inside The Bungalow 48 N. Robson Mesa, AZ 85201

Your work will directly impact your community in powerful and fun ways.

1) The EVENT: Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides!

Our international sustainable transportation movement and awareness project originated in the Pacific Northwest and will culminate in simultaneous bike rides all over the world on Saturday, June 4th, 2011. These bike rides promote love, peace and biking as a sustainable and community building form of transportation.

The best part is... You can impact the world by volunteering from the comfort of your own neighborhood!!!

2) The DRIVE: Investing in our Success: Kickstarter Pledge Drive.

Love, Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides cannot happen by good thoughts alone. We require the support of people who wish to bring this vision to your neighborhood, school, community center. Please spread the word about our Kickstarter Pledge Drive is here:

And contact us to organize your local beautiful bike ride!

Our Blog with updates and photos is here:

If you are interested in learning more meet us!

If you are interested and cannot attend the meeting, please sign up on the email list on our website: You'll find a flyer you can print out and hang up on that website as well.

Love for all,

Thank you for your awesome, amazing, wonderful, fantastic donation...

Dear Patrick
Thank you for your awesome, amazing, wonderful, fantastic donation of $25. We are so humbled and excited by the support of our community! For us, Love Peace and Beautiful Bike Rides is already happening. In our movement forward we feel the love, we move in peace and we walk the dreams of our beautiful bike rides! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your part in the magic!